Bungee Teacher Training Melbourne

The bungee teacher training course a mix of (Hit) High intensity & Low intensity (gentle on your joints) interval, training, cardio core, resistance and strength training, transforming your whole body. You choose how hard you want to work. We start with gentle gyro movements beginners then progress to intermediate moves. You work at your own pace and fitness levels. Our Bungee Fly Fit Teacher Training is comprehensive teaching you everything you need to know, working with your bungee.

2- Day Bungee Fly Fit Course Fitzroy Melbourne.

Friday and Saturday plus Sunday morning if extra time is needed. Teacher Training Classes from 8 am to 6 pm each day, plus Sunday 1pm-4pm if required. You will learn how to create a Bungee Fly Fit class. Learn a variety of movements, basic training, intermediate training, combination movement, choreography, implement different levels for students, use of bungee equipment, safety instructions, rigging, bungee workout principles, and injury prevention methods. Practice teaching and become certified with a Fitness Australia accredited Bungee Fly Fit Course 15 CEC trainer, here in Fitzroy.

Skill level required: This course is for yoga teachers, gym instructors, personal trainers, fitness instructors’, sports, aerial, and circus teachers and anyone wanting to learn new skills. To get your CEC points “You must be a registered group/gym, instructor, personal trainer, in order to attain Fitness Australia CECSs”

We have-15 CEC points with Fitness Australia and working on more points.

Dates:    – Jan booked out 2019 Feb Sat 23rd & sun 24th March  30th & 31st – Saturday & Sunday. April sat sun

2 x 10 hour days – 420 min each day. 1-hour break lunch and 2 x 30m breaks’ daily, morning and afternoon tea provided-

Intensity: levels vary throughout the class. Beg to –intermediate.

Teacher training Cost:  $1988.00 this includes manuals. Up to 6 teachers only so you get the attention you deserve. Prepay is essential to secure your Bungee. After completion of Bungee FlyFit Course, students will receive a recognized Teacher Certification accredited by fitness  Australia  CEC 15.

Certified, Rated Bungee Equipment available for sale: Bungee includes Bungee full set you require 3 carabiners and 1 swivel. 8 cords plus cover, 2 daisy chains, 1 harness, $1100.00 for teacher trainers who complete our teacher training. (All dependent on your rigging requirements’) – Bungees online $1,280.00 –Australian dollars, postage, and insurance are extra costs.

Bungee Fly Fit Course in Melbourne – Next Steps

We run teacher training monthly or when we have a min group of 6 people.

Step 1: Register for teacher training by filling our these 4 forms and read terms conditions.

Once this is completed and you have paid then we save you a place in the BungeeFly Fit teacher training.
(click on each listed form to view, download, print and send back)

  1. Enrolment Form
  2. Terms of Engagement Form
  3. Personal Details Form
  4. NDA confidentiality document to sign. (we will email you this)
  5. Bungee Fly Fit Terms & Conditions Policy
  6. Franchise options to secure your area, suburb you may choose to pay a license fee of $1500 a year. You are welcome to choose more than one suburb and we will discount the yearly fee. This secures your area, suburb and that no one else will teach in your area allocated.

Step 2: Prepay for teacher training  and purchase your bungee equipment here, a full set of bungees is $1100.00

Please register your interest by sending an email. Margie@vibes.com.au – 0412526383www.bungeeflyfit.com.au

Location: Vibes Fitness Fitzroy – 106 Leicester Street, Fitzroy 3065