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This bungee dance class will help fire up your core

Get ready for the next best thing to hit your workout regimen: a bungee fitness -dance class.

 The 60-minute class we will teach you practicing fundamental bungee skills and how to control the resistance when you run, jump, turn and stop. We recommend taking this class as often as needed to build a solid foundation before you learn new skills. Once you have a solid flying push-up, you are ready for Bungee Fly fit. It is best to start with aerial yoga to get used to the harness deep tissue massage.

Our qualified instructors secure you into a harness and attach you to your bungee cord.  Your feet touch the ground. You are still supported by the harness around your hips and some are around your wait depending on your height or weight load. The further you move from the anchor point, the more resistance you will get from the bungee cords.  This will require more core strength to go any further. Once you have understood the essentials, basics and how to work and connect with your bungee you will then fly jump and play, Superman, wonder woman, helicopter, and so much more.

Mondays 8pm  – Tuesdays 7 pm –  Saturdays 10 am pre-booking is essential –

We require your height and weight, mobile number, so we may adjust bungees to suit your body.  

We will start more classes as soon.

Email us to get your name on the wait list margie@vibes.com.au