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Bungee Equipment for Bungee Fitness

  1. Harness certified rated harness. we have a variety on offer depending on your body type, height, and weight.
  2. Daisy chains and or sterling chain reactors – 4 depends on your rigging – 2 attach to harness -2 adjust the height if needed. Every 2nd loop is 300kg capacity so you can loop 2 loops for extra capacity. 600kg – these are certified adjust straps so you may adjust the height of the bungees per person.
  3. Web slings depend on rigging for your roof –
  4. Carabiners 3- in a set –  (depends on the rigging of your roof) 
  5. 1 swivel is made in a way that ensures one part turns separately from the other. The swivels are made of combined aluminum and steel. the max workload is 5kn =500kg and breaking strength is 23kn =2300kg.
  6. Bunge cords 7 in a set – 10mm, 12mm bungee cords. you can purchase extra bungee cords for heavier people, to add into a set. 1 cord is 10Kg x 6 is 60kg. Rotate bungee cords’
  7. Cover to secure knots and bungee cords and easier to adjust
  8. Bungee Fly Fit FULL set –1 harness, 2- daisy chains, depends on your rigging, 1 swivel, 3 carabiners, bungee cords 7 in a set, extra bungee cords sold separately.  We make the bungees to suit your height and weight. Cost full set is $1280. Extra cost for postage and insurance –
  9. For Bungees Cords and cover only $580
  10. For Harness only $380 –
  11. If you have completed our Bungee Fly Fit teacher training then full bungee set is $1100.

We rate and test all our bungees cords and have all our equipment certified. Every 10 we make we test, we pull one apart to test the dynamic load. We meet the en standards or equivalent safety procedures.  European and or Australian standards.

Purchase of equipment -We have a variety of stock on offer swivels, carabineers, wet-suit shorts, bungee cords, wrap covers, webs slings, daisy chains, sterning chain reactors. Once you have purchased and used the Bungee set, harness, swivels all equipment we cannot give you a refund. – we make to order by height and weight. Brand names may vary depending on availability of stock. Enquire to [email protected]

Read about us at Bungee FitFly from the Herald Sun article on August 26th 2017.